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Paying my balance

Repayment plan

Pay off your debt on a monthly basis to spread out your expenses. The duration of the repayment plan is automatically calculated according to the amount you wish to pay (from €10/month). This amount can be changed at any time if your situation changes.


The following payment methods are accepted: 


- Credit card ; 
- Google Pay ; 
- Apple Pay ; 
- SEPA transfer. 


Instant payment:

Paying your instalment or the entire balance, with or without registration. For instant payments, the SEPA transfer is not available. 

Creating my personal account

To create your personal Hoist Finance account, click here and use your Hoist Finance customer reference number and your date of birth. To verify your account, a code will be sent to you by email or by phone. 


You can find your reference number on our recent correspondence (letter or email). 

My login does not work

If you are having trouble logging in, you can reset your crudentials by clicking on “Forgot your email OR Password?”. A verification code will be sent by email to reset your password and a code by text to find again your email address. 


If you use your Google or Apple account to create your Hoist Finance account, your accounts are now linked, so make sure you login using the same method you used in the registration. You did not create a password to register, so you cannot retrieve your credentials by clicking on "forgot password". If you have problems logging in, please go to your Google or Apple account settings. 


It’s no longer possible to login with your Facebook/Linkedin/Windows Live account. If you chose this method for registration, your account is not lost. You only have to register again. 


If the connection fails again, our virtual assistant is available to answer your questions. You can also contact our customer service via the contact form.

Next step after receiving a letter/email from Hoist

Hoist Finance has recently bought out your debt, so you are now one of our customers. You can now start paying off your outstanding balance just creating your account on our Hoist Finance web portal and set up a repayment plan. You can also make a instant payment at any time with ou without logging in.


By logging in on your Hoist Finance account, you will find a summary of your situation: your balance and origin of your debt.

Taking control of my budget

To enable you to pay your debt even on a low income, Hoist Finance offers you the possibility to create a payment plan and thus spread out the repayment of your debt by paying small monthly amounts (from €10* per month). You can increase the amount of the instalments at any time if your financial situation improves.   

*Amount may change depending on the outstanding balance. 

Updating my repayment plan

Using our web portal, you can easily update your repayment plan at any time, increasing or reducing the amount of your monthly instalments in your personal Hoist Finance account. You also have the possibility to change your payment method and the date of debit. For example, if you want to shorten your plan, you can simply increase the amount of your monthly instalments. 


There are certain conditions for changing your plan. For example, your plan cannot be changed during the 5 days before the next payment due date. Also, after making a change, you must have paid the next instalment to change your plan again.


I have lost my reference number

You can find your reference number on our recent correspondence (letter or email).  


You can also retrieve your customer reference while creating your personal account by clicking on this link using your family name, first name and date of birth 

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