Have you received a letter or a phone call from us? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Genuinely.

This is why we’ve asked you to come here – and what to do next.

Our job at Hoist is helping people get back on track, financially. In order to do this, we buy accounts from different creditors, and recently we’ve bought yours. This means you’re now a customer of ours. Now, this is really good news. Because our approach towards your commitments is going to be very different from a normal bank. For starters, you’re in control.

Create an account, its simple

It’s really easy and will give you access to our solutions. More than 100,000 people have managed their credit commitments with us and are now on their way to financial stability. You can do it, too. One step at a time.

Choose how to pay

We offer multiple ways from single payment to recurring payments that can help you begin paying today. Put simply: We’ve put your specific situation in the centre and made it easier to resolve your debt with us.

View plans

You’re the customer, set your own pace

So, it's you who decide how to pay and when to pay. Our approach is to help you organise a realistic repayment plan based on your individual situation and circumstances. You can even pause your payments for a while if you need to.

You're in control.

Our tools provide an overview of your balance and options to close any day. Perhaps unlike many others, we will be by your side all the way. Through the ups and downs, always ready to offer support. We know that you didn't want to end up in this position, but we also know we can help you solve it. Bit by bit.


The goal — financial stability

When you have completed your plan then we're all done! How long it takes is up to you, but we know you can make it – one step at a time. Just ask these people.

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