Customer Story

Can you describe your situation when we first contacted you?

I had been paying a monthly amount to the former debt owner. When Hoist Finance first contacted me, the agent offered me the chance to close my claim for a discounted amount. Unfortunately, I could not afford to pay that amount right then, why we agreed to postpone the proposal and I continued to pay a small monthly amount. A couple of months later, once I had saved enough money, I paid off my debt.

How did you end up in that financial situation?

An unexpected event happened. At the time when I applied for a loan, I already had another debt. I was nevertheless able to manage both of my debts, even though one of them was a bigger amount. After three years, an unexpected event happened and I was no longer able to keep my monthly commitments. Furthermore, I had to pay rent for my house in Rome because I was there for work, and I also had to support my father's health travels. So due to these circumstances I had to turn to the Debt Emergency office for support.

What was your reaction when we contacted you?

I felt relieved because I was offered the possibility to renegotiate and was presented the opportunity to pay off all my debt at once.. I felt relieved also because I really felt seen and cared for. The agent understood my financial difficulties and helped me solve them. I had a great experience, and I am infinitely thankful to my contact person for his work and friendliness together with all the other people at Hoist Finance who helped me solve my situation.

How were you treated by our agent?

All people have been very kind to me. Of course most of the dialogue I had with my agent and he was always friendly and kind from the beginning to end. He always kept me informed about all the procedures in an exhaustive way.

Did you get the support you needed?

Definitely yes!

Do you have any advice you would like to give to other people in a similar situation?

If I would give advice to other people in a similar situation, I would advise them to try to take control over their finances in order to avoid ending up in an even more difficult situation. If an unexpected event happens, as it happened to me, I would recommend them to contact Hoist Finance, or whomever manages their debt, for support, or to do some basic research and budgeting where you check you expenses and the current interest rates of your loans.

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